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The Raptor Rehabilitation Center located in Quincy, Illinois, is dedicated to the recovery and preservation of Birds of Prey and other wild animals. Friends of the Raptors is a non-profit organization developed to help fund treatment and care of injured birds of prey. Some birds are non-releasable because of permanent injury or other disability and are retained for use in education under special federal and state permits. Become a Friend of the Raptors through volunteer service and you’ll experience first hand the methods of rehabilitating raptors and other wildlife. Help us educate the community about the importance of wildlife preservation via classroom and organization demonstrations.

who we are

As a team of dedicated individuals, we strive to provide optimal quality care to the recovery and preservation of Birds of Prey and other wild animals. Through our endeavors we wish to help others discover the magnificence and beauty of these animals and recognize the importance of preserving wild species and their environment.

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Helping animals is our job, but loving them is our passion


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